segunda-feira, 7 de fevereiro de 2011

Zeitgeist Movement BOINC Project

The Zeitgeist Movement BOINC Project:

It only takes you 20 minutes to set up and join,
and it’s all automated
after that. We are trying to get
The Zeitgeist Movement some serious media
recognition and we need your help to reach
a goal of 25,000 active members
on our team, which will help our
organization to rival today’s most
powerful supercomputers.

How does this project help
The Zeitgeist Movement?

Simply put, supercomputers
always get into the news! Having
‘The Zeitgeist Movement’ team
rivalling today’s supercomputers
will get us
seriously noticed as an
organization in the mainstream news.

Other benefits are:

• We get to help scientific research advance

• We get to help speed up research
in Quantum Computing, which will
revolutionize computer science.

• We help build a name for ourselves
as a helpful group

• It’s a great way to show people
the collaborative power of the

• We gain notice by the research
community as a group that helps

• Hopefully those in the research
community will want to learn more about
what this "Zeitgeist Movement" is all about

• We get to build a relationship
with the scientists at the company
behind this project; they have the
technological knowledge to help us build
a central computer for the cities systems.

We have already reached 5th place
in team rankings after starting out at
350th place.

For More information on this project and how you can help, visit:

So please spread this e-mail message
to your chapters, link it to your
chapter websites, Facebook, MySpace,
twitter, e-mail groups, discuss the
project at your chapter meetings,
and encourage people to join our team.

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I regret to inform you, but I see this movement BOINC welcome. Neither project venus speaks. So what is this, some party?